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MediumFormatSizePrice (inclusive of GST)
Frameless HD On GlassRectangle600 x 400
900 x 600
1200 x 800
Panoramic1500 x 500
1800 x 600
Square600 x 600$695
Rolled Fine Art PaperRectangle900 x 400
900 x 600
Panoramic900 x 300
1200 x 400
1500 x 500
1800 x 600
Square480 x 480
600 x 600
900 x 900

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Location: Kinabatangan River, Borneo
Date: February 2016
Descriptor:¬†A wary Borneo Macaque (monkey) peers out from his jungle sanctuary with watchful eyes as this photographer points a long lens at him. He seems to be saying; “I’ve got you mate. Don’t get any closer”. There are two species of Macaque in Borneo; the pig tailed and the long tailed. This fella is a Long Tail Macaque or Macaca fascicularis. Largely consider a real pest by humans for their mischievous behaviour, but in the forests and jungles of Borneo, they are in their element and primarily interested in fruit and insects.

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