Grant Hunt Photography

Farewell Scotland

10676165_527135490756978_8861632750627055_nOn our last day in Scotland I offer one final post. Yesterday, we finally got a sunny day on Orkney, so I convinced Sonia Hunt to revisit the Yesnaby headland (our third attempt) and do the cliff walk with me to capture Yesbany Castle, the sea stack featured in 2 of the shots below. Well worth the walk in the wind.
We also went back to the Birsay headland and thankfully, the tide was out and I was able to walk out the the island just off the coast where I got the lighthouse shot and the little stone hut looking back at the main island. On my return, I also got the tractor on the beach. 

After 21 days in Scotland I had seen very young highland cattle with young, short horns, but today, as if fete ordained it, I came across the old fella below with his long, mature horns. Must have known I was leaving. Still, there are lots of shots I have left behind, so I will need to return one day to add to the list; perhaps another photo tour with Lightstalkers Scotland and Glen Campbell?

I can’t promise there won’t be a few more posts as I sort through the hundreds of shots I have captured on this trip, but for now, as we spend our last night in St Andrews – a 3 wood from the old course Dallas Newton, this is it before we get ourselves to Edinburgh for the long trip home.